Premium Custom Clothing

Let us bring your design to life in LOW quantities


What We Do

Infinite Sourcing and Trading is your one-stop-shop for premium custom clothing services. We can create anything your heart desires, including dresses, lingerie, swimwear, formal wear, hoodies, t-shirts and more! Whether you’re looking to create clothing for adults, teens or children, we can do it all. Our team will work closely with you to determine your preferred colors, create a size chart, choose your custom material, and go over the overall design of your clothing. We will source your fabric for you from the biggest fabric market. A professional manufacturer will be producing all of your clothing, with the details that you have specified relating to design, sizes, etc. And all of your clothing can include a logo hang tag, logo neck tag and logo opp bag. Our goal is to deliver high-quality custom clothing that you will be excited to share with your customers.

Our Process

How it Works

First, you will fill out a survey that details what you want. We will then reach out to you to further discuss your clothing thoroughly, which we will then create a mockup for. We will not be charging a development or pattern fee or require a tech pack. Once we have finished the mockup, you will be able to approve the design or make adjustments. It is also optional that you can receive a sample of the mockup to look over, at a premium cost. Then we will discuss the volume you would like and we will provide a quote for you to approve. Our minimum is 100 pieces per design and per color. Lastly, we will finish up the remaining details, including custom hang tags with your company logo and custom plastic bag packaging with your company logo that is Amazon compliant. Once we’ve completed everything, your clothing will be delivered right to your door! Most companies are unable to give you all of these services at once, so we have made this process simpler for you.

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Who Can Benefit

We are able to create custom clothing for any business, but our company is most beneficial to small business owners. This is because we offer smaller volumes of clothing, compared to our competitors. In doing so, this allows for small businesses to only purchase what they need. This added value to our company makes us stand out from the competition because we want to provide only the necessary clothing for your small business. We also do not charge a development or pattern fee or require a tech pack, as other companies would. This will greatly benefit new and small businesses that have a lower budget. We work closely with our clients to ensure they’re receiving the quality products as expected.

Infinite Sourcing and Trading makes creating custom clothing simple. We are a one-stop-shop for everything you need to create premium custom clothing, from colors and design to materials and packaging, we can do it all. Contact us today to learn more and create your own custom clothing today.




“I started my brand in 2014 and it’s been challenging at times especially in the beginning with people taking advantage of your inexperience with production pricing, quality etc. My partner and I were just about to throw in the towel on cut and sew then I got a DM in my Instagram inbox and that changed everything. We met with Bobby and Bo and the attention they paid to detail made us feel like they really cared about the brand and about producing a quality product. We have since done a men and women short set with infinite Sourcing and soon as a customer purchases it, the first thing mentioned is the quality of the product and how amazing it is. Bo and Bobby always add quality from what we originally envisioned. Our Kobe hoodie is one of my favorite designs we’ve done with infinite. The material is water resistant and the screen printing technique is second to none. I am excited to have a manufacturing partner like Bobby and Bo to build my brand with.”

- PCSupply Clothing


“I found Infinite Sourcing at the beginning of the pandemic, and they have been nothing but outstanding with helping my business grow. I was able to bring my designs to life with them and couldn't be happier about the experience. The communication is great and so important when having a small business. I strongly recommend their services especially for new designers pursuing they passion!”

- Rosalinda D