Face Mask for Sublimation

Order Customizable Sublimation Face Masks

Infinite Sourcing & Trading has a range of customized sublimation face coverings available for purchase. These high-quality sublimation face masks feature carbon filters for protection and are made from washable and reusable cotton material guaranteed to last for a long time. Check out our collections to place an order. 

Two women wearing plain face masks at a hair salon.

What Is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a type of printing technique used for full-color printing. The desired artwork is printed on a special release paper from which it is transferred to the fabric (a face mask in this case) using a heat transfer machine that applies pressure and heat to the fabric. This converts the dye particles into gas (through sublimation) allowing them to bond to the polymer coating on the product. The Sublimation method can be used to print high-quality photos and vector graphic design on polyester fabric in a matter of minutes.


One major advantage of the sublimation printing process in addition to yielding beautiful and vibrant design is the permanence. The heat transfer process ensures that the colors of your prints are fully embedded into the fabric of the mask instead of just surface printing. The result is a printed fabric that does not peel off or fade with us.

Cute patterned face mask.
Group of friends wearing different printed face masks.

Say Goodbye to Boring

The conventional disposable blue masks are just plain and boring. You can express your individuality better and stand out while still protecting yourself by using sublimation masks with custom prints and designs. They are safe to use, fashionable, and of course very durable.

Check Out Our Collection

At Infinite Sourcing & Trading, we offer an array of quality sublimation masks with unique custom designs. These masks are available in different sizes and made from different materials. Browse our collection to order sublimation masks or get in touch with us to find out more about our services.

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