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Who are we?

We are one-stop custom clothing including fabric sourcing, cut & sew and branded packaging in low quantities. We partner with start-ups and small businesses to customize premium quality products from Thailand, China and the United States. To give our clients complete peace of mind, we handle the entire process of custom clothing to save them valuable time and money.

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Where are we located?

Here at Infinite Sourcing & Trading, our company is built on the foundation of providing a safe environment for international trade. We are all about leveraging our trading and sourcing experience to grow our clients’ products portfolio. Even though we are based in Los Angeles, California, we have sourcing teams across multiple locations around Asia and other parts of the world to facilitate easy market access.

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what we do?

While we may deliver single service solutions like sourcing, supplier screening, product inspection and development, and hassle free delivery of products, our unique difference at Infinite Sourcing & Trading is our ability to see the bigger picture and simplify the entire process of international trading for small businesses while helping them make their businesses more profitable.